Case Study

PGT Website Redesign


Brand Strategy

A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments. Here at Avenue, we conduct a very extensive research and work closely with our clients to help them identify key values, company culture, and visual languages.


Our goal is to help PGT become the most trusted and reliable resource for consumers, educate them on different product offerings, help them make the best decisions for unique situations, generate quality leads that turn into sales, and consequently increase consumer loyalty.

During our in-depth research of the PGT brand, we’ve focused on understanding the following:

•   challenges PGT is experiencing currently and how to overcome them
•   the state of the market and competitors’ positioning
•   consumers needs & desires; the consumer journey and decision making process; how PGT can provide an unmatched customer experience
•   PGT brand attributes and what makes it unique in the market



In order to accomplish this website re-design, we had to understand
who PGT is as a brand and what problems is PGT solving for
customers. On the following pages, you can learn more about our process and all the components necessary to even begin designing a website.


Brand Positioning

Brand positioning describes how your brand is different from the competitors and where or how it sits in consumers’ minds. For this project, it was crucial to decide what PGT offers to its consumers that other brands don’t, and how to clearly present and communicate those factors.

Consumer Avatars

A consumer avatar is a detailed profile of the ideal consumer. It focuses on one person and outlines as much information about them. The ideal customer is somebody we really want to sell to, they are high-spending, loyal, and repeat-buying. For this project, all profiles were based off of actual consumer data and their documented behaviors.


The end goal is to create a beautiful, impactful website that will clearly communicate
the value proposition, engage and educate the visitors and help them make the decision to purchase PGT products. Wireframes are the foundation which gives website a strong structure upon which the whole customer experience is built.


Brand Attributes

Brand attributes are the core values that define the overall nature of the company and represent the essence of the brand. They give an exceptional and distinctive competitive edge to the brand as compared to its competition in the market and they solidify a brand’s identity and the way consumers perceive it and remember it.



How your consumers describe you:

• Safety
• Family Protection
• Educational
• Reliable
• Trustworthy
• Quality


How you describe your consumers:

• Curious
• Busy
• Looking for Best Value
• Appreciate Quality
• In Need of Guidance
• Worried About Safety
• Appreciate Design & Finish


How you sound to your consumers:

• Friendly
• Authoritative
• Knowledgeable
• Helpful
• Confident
• Compassionate


How your consumers describe you:

• Relationships
• Reliability
• Exceptional Quality
• Community


How you describe your consumers:

• Heard
• Informed
• Relieved
• Optimistic
• Loyal


How you sound to your consumers:

• Stability (time & experience)
• No.1 Impact Brand
• Largest Network of Loyal Dealers
• Assembled/Built in the USA


Consumer Profiles

A consumer profile is everything a brand needs to know about the people they want to buy the products. It is an interpretation of data that gives us information on consumers’ desires & needs, lifestyle, purchasing habits and reasons why they choose PGT, and if not – why they should.



Most of PGT consumers fall within the group 65+. The goal for this repositioning would be to target younger families, age 35-45.


When it comes to gender, there seems to be a pretty even split between male and female audience.



Website Redesign

• unclear positioning
• non-optimized user experience
• focused on professionals instead of homeowners
• low conversion rate
• no system to track leads


Wireframes are the “sketch” of a website. At this stage, we are understanding what the content should be and how it should be organized, as well as what would make the smoothest user experience.
High-res mockups

High-res mockups are focused on graphic design and making the site stand out visually. Once completed, these are very close representation of what the finished product will look like.


Here at Avenue we love to innovate whenever that’s appropriate for the project and it enhances the user experience. In this case, we created a custom-made 3D configurator that allows website visitors to preview different variations of the product, and see exactly what these configurations would look like in action.

Click the image below to visit the 3D configurator page.



•   Brand Clarity
•   Easy-to-navigate website
•   Enhanced user experience
•   Fresh and relevant design
•   Better understanding of products
•   Competitive edge in the market
•   Higher conversion rate


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